Body Armour is an Australian company that specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of premium recovery formulas that support and optimise the body's recovery process, resulting in enhanced performance. Our passion for innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in recovery and performance science. We pride ourselves on quality only, we are transparent with our formulas, we harness the power of advanced clinical research and we very carefully select ingredients to formulate products that deliver genuine tangible results.

Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance, an individual who works in a physically and/or mentally demanding role or someone looking to bounce back from life’s everyday stresses, Body Armour is in your corner to help you recover faster, stronger, and more effectively.

Our Origin Story

In October 2017, Body Armour was born through four friends, each with extremely different backgrounds but with one very obvious common drive, to push boundaries in performance and to continuously seek improvement in oneself.

This ethos led us to a pivotal realisation. The performance and recovery products currently available in the market and to our workforce across several industries lack the genuine health and performance impact they promise.

Our team's varied backgrounds ranging from Heavy Industry to sports offered a deep
understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals and groups that operate in similar environments.  Our goal was clear; let us build a company which like-minded groups can rely on for performance and recovery solutions that deliver exactly what they promise.

Mission Statment

Grounded in science and driven by a passion for making a genuine impact on health and well-being, we provide innovative solutions that optimise performance and enhance recovery. We stand as true partners with all individuals and groups who are set on a quest for peak performance and sustained vitality.

The Management Team

Based in Brisbane Head Office


Toni Mc Quinn

Marketing Manager

Oisin Mc Quinn

Business Development

Tadhg Mac Mathuna

Operations Manager

Minerva Larjanko

Supply Chain & Procurement

Patrick Sargent

Chief Financial Officer

Gavin Porter

Head of Formulation

Bevan Scherman - BHSc Naturopathy / Nutrition

Product Development

Laura Boersma - BHSc Naturopathy