Why do we do it?

Our passion for innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible in recovery science. We harness the power of advanced research and carefully selected ingredients to formulate products that deliver tangible results.

Humble beginings

Body Armour started with 4 friends a light bulb moment in Las Vegas, September 2015 plus the right mix of stupidity, confindence and desire. We discovered a multi million dollar industry that was unheard of in Australia - Hangover Relief. We began right away researching ingredients from around the world harnessing the best qualities of each to create the most potent hybrid formula in the world.

The Founders

Toni Mc Quinn (the first bald guy) is our Director and captain. T comes from the mining industry as a HR manager. Tadhg (the second bald guy) is our Sales Manager and was an electrician before this journey. Patrick Sargent (the big friendly) is our token Aussie and COO. Laslty there is Oisin, Toni's devilishy good looking younger brother and designer/author of this website as his role of marketing manager and all things visual.

The Team

Today Body Armour has 5 products with 4 more in the pipeline. The Family has grown to 16 people. We are proudly stocked in 1200+ Stores Nationwide and can be found in every State in big box stores including Nutrition Wareshouse, TerryWhite Chemmart, Liquor Legends and IGA's just to name a few.